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Welcome to wingsuit training - Better flight!

Our group is made up of talented people with strong coaching skills and passion for wingsuiting. We offer wingsuit coaching for your first flight, back flying, flocking, dynamic, carving and stunt performances.

Our instructors attend numerous boogies and skydiving events to coach wingsuiting and load organize. We can also offer one-on-one training at these events with advanced notice. Contact us for event details.

Wingsuit training has an array of rental Squirrel brand wingsuits for you to use. Teaming up with Aerodyne we also carry low pack volume mains so we can fit a 140 into your container for your normal 107 sqft canopy!

Simply put wingsuiting is our passion! We wingsuit almost every day to pursue this passion. This passion leads to quality instruction in a fun atmosphere that will leave you wanting to fly all the time.

Want to know more about our travel schedule? Click here for the Calendar of Events!

To do a First Flight you require:

- A minimum of 200 skydives, A docile canopy loaded at no more then a 1.35:1 (Low pack volume Canopies are available), A USPA/CSPA B license (or equivalent) and an AAD.

Want to know pricing? Click here for details.

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